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Beware the Fix-up: Your Dream Home May be a Money Pit

Even though TV shows frequently feature “fixer-uppers” that are magically transformed into dream homes, many people don’t realize just what’s involved in the transformation. Not, that is, until they’re the proud owner of what has turned out to be a money pit.
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Apr 10 at 11:48am Financing

Don’t Confuse ‘Pre-qualified’ With ‘Pre-approved’

You should always be in a state of readiness when you’re house-hunting. And this means ensuring you have a letter from a lender signifying that you’re ready to buy a home.
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Apr 10 at 11:43am Financing

How to Find the Mortgage That’s Right for You

The mortgage world can be confusing, and it pays to educate yourself about the pros and cons of different types of mortgages.
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Apr 10 at 11:36am Financing

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