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Buy and Fix – All with the Same Mortgage Loan

It’s hard to deny the remodeling movement is gaining momentum. It seems as though everyone from your neighbor to your local politician is remodeling his or her home, and the guy at the hardware store or the contractor across town is everybody’s new best friend.
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Apr 10 at 2:28pm For Buyers

Become a Savvy Homeowner Before You Buy

With housing prices flat or increasing modestly in many markets, and mortgage rates at record lows, many consumers are finding it a good time to think about buying a home.
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Apr 08 at 11:57pm For Buyers

Attention Buyers: It Pays to Think Like Your Seller

Buyers who know how to think like a seller are ahead of the game. They’ll understand a homeowner’s bias; they’ll be more comfortable with negotiating,
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Apr 08 at 11:52pm For Buyers

Buyer Beware: There Are Downsides to Buying a FSBO

Purchasing a property for sale by owner (FSBO) may make sense to many; because the seller doesn’t pay real estate agent commissions
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Apr 08 at 11:48pm For Buyers

Solo Home Buyers Face Unique Challenges

Recent reports have noted a marked increase in the number of female home buyers across the United States. In fact, it’s not only young couples and families who are eagerly entering the real estate game; young, single women are buying in droves.
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Apr 08 at 4:32pm For Buyers

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